We cannot wait to see you all again. Before you visit us, there are some new procedures for you to take on board.

Before you visit. 

  • Please pre-book here on our website and everyone attending must understand these procedures.


  • If you or anyone in your party has COVID symptoms they must not attend. If this is the case, please contact us to amend or move your booking.
  • Please check with all group members on the day of your booking.


  • Only the person responsible for the group and one child is allowed into reception to check-in.
  • The rest of the group will access the centre through the alternative door (near the car park) five minutes before the session starts.
  • By arriving with us and checking in, you are confirming that you and your group (or any immediate family members) have not had any of the recognised symptoms of Covid-19 in the last seven days.

Your Session

  • Please watch this short video showing the 6 steps of how we are preparing to welcome you back:

  • In order to help us protect our customer and staff through adequate social distancing, we’d like to minimise spectators. Therefore, please only bring up to two spectators per group.
  • Face coverings are mandatory at reception and when visiting the WC. At all other times, there use is strongly encouraged, but it is at your own discretion. If you need masks, they can be provided for 50p.
  • Our café is open for drinks and pre-packaged snacks. One designated person per group is allowed to reception to make purchases and we ask that you keep visits to a minimum.
  • Finally, Clip ‘n Climb Liverpool is within Awesome Walls Climbing Centre so we ask that you read their COVID policy.
  • Have an awesome time!





Clip ‘n Climb Procedures (used in conjunction with AWCC COVID-19 Procedures)

(updated 28/07/2020)


The Clip ‘n Climb area will be treated as a separate entity to the Awesome Walls Climbing Centre as it has different guidelines. Common sense and justification will be used between the two areas to run them as safely as possible without conflict.

The Clip ‘n Climb area is the arena, induction area and seating area.

A temporary barrier will be placed at the end of the seating area to stop regular climbers entering. A notice will be in place to stop the climbers entering.



Based on the Clip ‘n Climb- COVID-19 Advisory Document we can accommodate seventeen people in the Clip ‘n Climb area. At Clip ‘n Climb Liverpool we will be operating with a maximum of twelve customers and two staff.


Booking Slots

Five booking slots will be available seven days a week as follows

10:00 – 11:15

11:45 – 13:00

13:30 – 14:45

15:15 – 16:30

17:00 – 18:15

Depending on demand we may not run the last session.



All bookings will be strongly encouraged to be made online. We will state everywhere that bookings must be made online.

Face Coverings in the Climbing Centre

Face coverings must be worn in the main reception area and in the WC areas. Under 11’s and people with related medical problems are not required to wear mask.

It is strongly advised that spectators wear masks whilst in the building.

Clip ‘n Climb staff will always wear a mask, visor or both.


Entrance to Clip ‘n Climb

Participants for Clip ‘n Climb must not use the main entrance. An alternative entrance by the main car park will be used for entering and leaving.

Clip ‘n Climb participants and spectators must not go into the main climbing area except for visiting the toilets and counter, where face covering must be worn.



At the beginning of the day, all regular touchable areas/items will be cleaned before the first session begins.

Clip ‘n Climb touchable areas/items include- railings, gates, karabiners, containers if used.

All regular touchable areas will be cleaned in between group use and at the end of the day.

All used cleaning materials will be disposed of in a separate bin that’s not for public use.


Harnesses and textiles

A diluted solution of rope cleaner will be lightly sprayed over harnesses and used to rub over the TrueBlue tape protector.

All harnesses will be rotated throughout the day and in the evening aired until the next day.


Staff Facial Covering in Clip ‘n Climb

Staff must wear facial covering while on Clip & Climb sessions from induction to end of session. This can be a mask, a visor or both (but not a buff/snood).


Public Facial Covering in Clip ‘n Climb

Under 11’s are not required to wear face coverings but it’s not to be discouraged if they wish to do so.

Everyone else must wear a face-covering during the induction and harnessing.


Clip ‘n Climb Inductions

Inductions are to be done in the main Clip ‘n Climb area where customers can space out.

Before the usual induction please point out-

-Sanitise on a regular basis

-Stay 1m+ apart wherever possible

-Over 11’s must wear face coverings to visit the WC’s

-Only the lead person to visit the counter and must wear a face covering.

-If anyone starts to feel unwell, notify a member of staff, remove harness and leave as soon possible. After the session, isolate the harness and pay extra attention to cleaning areas/items.

Once customers have their harnesses on it is recommended to tighten them from behind, to minimise face to face time.


During the Clip ‘n Climb Session

The Clip ‘n Climb session will run as normal.

Climbers are encouraged to sanitise often and stay socially distanced.


After the Clip ‘n Climb Session

Customers can remove the harnesses themselves or help may be given from ideally behind.

Once customers are ready to leave, please ask them to sanitise on departure.

If customers require merchandise, please encourage them to use the main entrance to reception for access and exit.

All harnesses

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